4 Ways Libraries are Essential to Democracy

Libraries are essential to a democratic society.

Did you know more than 200 libraries are on ballots across the country this election? In some communities, a failed ballot measure means their library will permanently close. 

This is a tragedy because, beyond the library, no other institution exists solely to promote the free exchange of information and ideas. 

Libraries are vital because they:

  • Provide nonpartisan access to quality voter information
  • Host forums and debates focused on election issues
  • Serve as voting stations and voter registration locations
  • Are deeply connected to many of today’s most pressing public policy issues – intellectual freedom, the digital divide, and privacy, to name just a few

Our democracy needs libraries as a thriving public commons. We see this time and time again as we film Free for All: Inside the Public Library. More updates on Free for All soon!

Today we ask: Please vote in this election if you are able, and whether or not there’s a library measure on your ballot, keep our most beloved civic institution in mind as you do.

See you on the other side!