Free for All:
Inside the Public Library

An in-progress documentary & new media project
exploring what the public library means to this country and
the high stakes for democracy if libraries become extinct.

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Faubourg Treme:
The Untold Story of Black New Orleans

New 56-minute version now available on DVD and streaming, edited for classroom use.
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Faubourg Treme Awards

We're launching a series of new short films with more fascinating untold chapters of New Orleans history, leading up to the 300th anniversary of the city in 2018. Sign up for updates.

A powerful piece of work... Don’t miss it!
— Cornel West
A stunning historical experience.
— Leon Litwack
Arguably the most poignant film ever made about New Orleans.
— The New Orleans Tribune

Other Work by Dawn Logsdon


Big Joy(Frisky Divinity Productions)

Documentary on the life and work of the California poet and experimental filmmaker James Broughton.

Co-Director/Editor/Writer: Dawn Logsdon

Premiere: SXSW & Tribeca 2013. Theatrical release began February 2014.

Awards: Best Documentary at Seattle, Florida and Oaxaca 2013 Film Festivals

Have You Heard from Johannesburg? (Clarity Films)

Documentary series on the worldwide anti-apartheid movement.

Director: Connie Field
Editor/Writer: Dawn Logsdon    

Broadcast: February 2012 PBS Independent Lens, BBC Four, & worldwide. 

Awards: IDA Best Documentary Series Award 2011, Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement 2012


The Weather Underground (Upstate Films)

Documentary on the Vietnam War era radical youth group.

Director/Producer: Sam Green
Editor: Dawn Logsdon  

Broadcast: PBS Independent Lens 2004

Awards: Academy Award Nomination for Best Documentary Feature 2004, Sundance Official Selection 2003

Paragraph 175 (Telling Pictures)

Documentary about homosexuals during the Nazi era.

Directors/Producers: Rob Epstein/ Jeffrey Friedman
Editor: Dawn Logsdon

Broadcast: HBO 2001

Awards: Sundance Best Documentary Directing 2000, Berlin FIPRESCI Award for Best Film &Teddy Award for Best Documentary 2000